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The world changes fast:

  • ITC

  • Internet

  • new technologies

  • globalisation

  • acceleration of physical and electronic exchanges, globally

  • emerging values in the society

  • evolutions of customers' needs and wishes -- be it corporate (B2B) or private (B2C) clients

  • new ways to think and grow in the businessworld.

To remain on top of new:

  • technologies and

  • business models

globally is hard.


As experts, we help you to:

  • assess the global situation in your industries and/or activities

  • combine creativity and relevant innovation, so as to position your Company ahead of competition over the long-term

  • use the latest techniques and technologies

  • propose your customers the products and services they want, that do not exist yet on the market.

Time is right to get (back) on your track. We are here to help + advise you!


Refocus around your core competencies & enjoy innovating on those solid grounds

Management Consulting Corporate Strategy in French
Management Consulting market research
Management Consulting risks and opportunities analysis
Management Consulting technological, business model innovation
Management Consulting structured brainstorming
Management Consulting merger, acquisition, strategic alliance
Management Consulting investment ideas
Management Consulting creation start-up, spin-off
Management Consulting digitalisation
Management Consulting big data analytics
Management Consulting managemnet style, agility, lean, open innovation

We recommend at least 2 sessions/year of  Corporate Strategy, separated by 2 weeks, ideally towards the end of the fiscal year (in parallel with the budget).

Those sessions can also serve the redaction of the Annual Report, i.e. of the Risk Analysis, a legal obligation every year (Art.961c §2 CO) in Switzerland for certain companies. In parallel, we will establish an Opportunities Analysis; it will serve you as a roadmap which we will update it together every year.

With us, undertake that reflexion and the necessary steps when business is still good.

Prepare tomorrow's business thanks to that of today.

A commitment and a true investment, guaranteeing an interesting return over the years.

Management Consulting new products, new services
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